On Everything Everywhere All At Once & GPT-4. Also: Junkspace Cinema, Kowloon Walled City, and NFT Performance Art.
On Distribution In The Algorithm Age. Also: Summer of Protocols, Excel Art, and Feedback Loops
Also: Walking Zelda, Creativity from Presets, and Crypto-Social Aesthetics
What to do about all the AI SFF? Also: Zoning Holidays & Hooray for Earth
Are you a CGI sucker or a Predictive Text sucker? Also: NFT Royalties, Housing in California + Colorado, and some Shoegaze.
On Aftersun and Time. Also: 2022 Publishing Numbers, Zelda, and Infrastructure Romance
When the AI Departs. Also: On New Cities, Fungi, and new Post-Punk.
Banning AI, Grand Central Madison, & Power Dynamics in White Lotus
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